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Are you suffering from negative feelings, emotional trauma, obstacles in your ability to achieve your goals, or unwanted stress reactions?

When we think of attaining better health we often focus on physical-based modalities such as nutrition, supplements, herbal medicine, diet and exercise programs.  Another equally important component of healing involves our thoughts and the messages our brain constantly sends to our body.  The power of the mind-body connection is essential and can greatly affect our body’s ability to heal from disease.  The stress patterns originating in our brain can be a root cause of illness or a major obstacle for why we are not able to reach our goals. 

Our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs significantly impact our health and change how we interpret the world.  Long-held negative emotions can shut down biologic processes, leading to lowered immunity, metabolism, energy, and moods. What we believe can prevent us from achieving our goals and reaching our true potential.  Positive thoughts and feelings free up our energy and can be highly therapeutic. We even have hidden subconscious beliefs that can affect our overall health and lower optimal performance. 

When we begin to listen to our body and pay attention to the messages that we are sending, incredible shifts can happen.  

Much of our lives we are controlled by our own limiting beliefs. These beliefs are unconscious and thus hard to access. Dr. Destia Skinner utilizes the Accelerated Insight Program in order for you to experience a direct understanding of your deepest nature, which once accessed, can eliminate unwanted, unconscious belief patterns. This direct experience allows you to dissolve emotional trauma and other obstacles that have kept you from moving forward in life.

Dr. Destia discovered this path to healing during her own struggle with core-limiting beliefs and past trauma. She felt so much release and freedom through this program that she thought it was extremely important to share it with her community.

The Accelerated Insight Program can:

*Identify and resolve your core-limiting beliefs

*Transform your unwanted states of being into positive states

*Heal your past emotional trauma

*Allows you to integrate new desired states of being

*Helps you gain clarity and insight into living more authentically

*Is just as effective when done remotely (ie. video conferencing) as it is in person

The Accelerated Insight Program utilizes a unique set of powerful, cutting-edge, verbally guided transformational techniques that can eliminate almost ANY emotional or mental block, emotional “knot”, or non-serving belief fast, fully, and permanently.  Together we can eliminate your stress triggers and negative emotional patterns in order to anchor your energy and connection deeper into yourself.  This allows us to easily change old stress responses that are not serving you. 

How does the program work? 

It is suggested to start with either a 5 or 10 session package.   We meet online to create a plan of what is not working for you and how you would like to feel differently.  We then meet once per week (via video conferencing or by phone) to discover and alleviate the root patterns of your discomfort, as each session builds on the one before it in order to create a transformation.

What techniques are used?  

Dr. Destia has studied human transformation for many years, first through her own journey, which led her to become a certified coach in this field.  She is an Accelerated Evolution and rREST®️ technique coach.  

What is rREST®️? 

rREST®️ is an innovative, mind-body technology that is easily accessible through an online process from the comfort of your own home. rREST®️ is a fast and effective tool helping you break through blocks currently holding you back. This process can quickly and permanently eliminate subclinical stress response patterns that were generated early in  life and were reinforced by adversity throughout your lifetime. rREST®️ can support both adults as well as children over 8 years old. 

Here is what some are saying about this program:

“We are excited about the changes we are seeing with our eight year old son after just a couple of  rREST®️ sessions.  For years we have tried multiple approaches to help our son calm and self regulate, but with little change.  After the first couple two of rREST®️ we noticed our son was not getting upset as easily and was able to calm himself quicker.  The virtual sessions have been extremely convenient for our busy family. We are excited to have found a treatment that works for our family and gives noticeable results!”

~Lisa E.

"These sessions helped me access critical, deep-rooted parts of myself and see how my past affects who I am in the present. With Dr. Destia’s guidance, I was able to release a lot of anxiety and tension—I felt like a weight had been lifted at the end of each session, and I could stand taller.”

~Maddie S.

Accelerated Insight Program
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