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Are you suffering from negative feelings, emotional trauma, blocks in your ability to achieve your goals, or unwanted stress reactions?

When we think of attaining better health we often focus on physical based modalities – nutrition, supplements, herbal medicine, exercise programs, and ‘hands on’ therapies that involve touch. Another very important component of healing is one that is energetic in nature – that is the power of our mind-body connection — or how our mind affects our body’s ability to self-heal.

What we believe and feel affects our health – our thoughts and emotions can make us well or ill. Long held negative emotions can shut down biologic processes, lowering immunity, metabolism, energy and even moods. Positive thoughts and feelings free up our energy and can be highly therapeutic. We even have hidden subconscious beliefs that can affect our overall health.

The human body is comprised of more energy than physical matter, and it is our energy that drives the connection between the body and mind. Thoughts and emotions are energetic messages that our individual cells listen and pay close attention to. When we begin to listen to our bodies and pay attention to the messages that we give them, incredible shifts can happen.

Much of our lives we are run by our own limiting beliefs. These beliefs are unconscious and thus hard to access. Dr. Destia Skinner utilizes the Accelerated Insight Program in order for you to experience a direct understanding of your deepest nature and thus have access to, and change unwanted unconscious belief patterns. This direct experience allows you to dissolve emotional trauma and blocks that keep you from moving forward in life.

Dr. Destia discovered this path to healing during her own struggle with core-limiting beliefs and past trauma. She felt so much release and freedom through this program that she wanted to share it with her community.

The Accelerated Insight Program can:

*Identify and resolve your core-limiting beliefs

*Transform your unwanted states of being into positive states

*Heal your past emotional trauma

*Allow you to integrate new desired states of being

*Help you to gain clarity and insight into living more authentically

*Is just as effective when done remotely (ie. video conferencing) as it is in person

The Accelerated Insight Program utilizes a unique set of powerful, cutting-edge, verbally guided transformational techniques that can eliminate almost ANY emotional or mental block, emotional “knot”, or non-serving belief fast, fully, and permanently.

Dr. Marie Rodriguez, ND also visits our clinic regularly from Washington DC offering appointments for Shamanic Energy Work, Mayan Abdominal Massage, Myofascial Release, and Family Constellation Work.  You can read more about her at https://drmarierodriguez.com.  You will receive regular updates on her available dates if you subscribe to our email list.

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