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Your skin is an external reflection, visible to everyone, of how your body is functioning internally. Aging skin and conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne and rosacea are complex and can be difficult to achieve lasting results. I have collaborated with the team of Naturopathic Doctors at Cypress Natural Medicine to focus on all areas of your skin health needs for beautiful, natural results in all ages.

Healthy Skin From Within

Endocrine Health

Hormone and thyroid imbalances are considered one of the biggest aging triggers today. One example is the loss of estrogens. They play a major role in the collagen and elastin network of the skin. Specialized hormone and thyroid testing at Cypress Natural Medicine will give you a clear path on the support needed to gain confidence in your overall skin health and healing.

Hydration & Absorption

Lets not underestimate the power of the simple water molecule. It makes up just over 60% of our body volume and every cell in our body depends on water for life. Water is vital for healthy skin, hair, nails and internally controlling all our major detoxification organs and systems. Clean water is the “fountain of youth”…only if you can absorb it properly. At Cypress, we will take a look to see how well you absorb water, minerals and nutrients to restore your natural healthy glow.

Inflammation & Allergies

Skin inflammation and allergy responses occur when your immune system flips into overdrive. The immediate result is damage to healthy skin tissue. Today there is an epidemic of adult and teen acne and eczema. A part of our body’s natural defenses come from within your gastrointestinal (GI) tract and an imbalance there can likely show symptoms on the skin. Certain inflammatory foods and environmental stressors can disrupt this natural defense. Our clinic uses a specialized bio-communication technology that identifies and alleviates the underlying causes of the inflammation and allergy.* We will teach you how to keep your microbiome and allergic responses in their most balanced state.

From The Inside-Out

Professional Facials

During your first visit, I will assess your skin and current home care routine and, if necessary, formulate a full product prescription tailored to your skin’s specific needs. I review this routine each time you visit me. That way, we can make sure your skin stays in tip-top condition all year round, not just after a facial.

Our facials offer advanced anti-aging protocols, in-depth support for problem areas, and comprehensive patient education. My custom facials, PRP collagen induction therapy, brightening peels and infused oxygen protocols can achieve wonderful results for your skin, but without the support of an effective home care routine, there’s a limit to their powers.*

Importance Of A Daily Home Care

Your skin needs ongoing attention to perform at its best. Home care products improve the overall health of your skin, preparing it for in-clinic procedures, protecting it from further damage, and helping to extend procedure results. A simple 3-step plan is all you need.


As we age, our cell renewal slows down tremendously. Finding the right topical exfoliation is one of the first steps to achieve healthy and vibrant skin. The benefits are increased blood circulation, cell renewal and greater absorption.


Performance ingredients (also known as serums) contain the most potent actives in vitamins, stem cells and peptides. These tiny molecular structures penetrate deep into the cellular wall, redefining your skin cells at its optimal state.


Moisturizers and sun protection “seal the deal. “ They create a barrier of protection along with sealing in performance ingredients and your natural hydration. UVA / UVB sunrays damage the skin and mutate cells. Daily protection is vital in sustaining the health of your skin.