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Functional DNA Analysis & Epigenetics

Genetic testing and analysis has become a simple and powerful method for evaluating physiological weaknesses and tendencies within each individual. This method of testing has become increasingly affordable over the past few years and has helped us provide specific plans for inherited weaknesses that were previously just written off as issues that were set in stone. By combining an individual’s genetic variations (SNP’s – single nucleotide polymorphisms) with specific blood markers, we can better understand which genetic mutations are being expressed (turned ‘ON’) versus those that are not having any current impact on health (those that are turned ‘OFF’). This exciting field of medicine is known as Epigenetics and is been adopted by many natural medicine practitioners.

Knowing which SNP’s a patient carries allows for greater precision in nutritional recommendations. Epigenetics has aided us in normalizing biological pathways that include impaired detoxification, hormone balance, neurotransmitter metabolism, and nutrient uptake in order to help break the cycle of disease for individuals who believed that they were just going to have to live with certain symptoms or conditions for the rest of their life.

In short, Epigenetics has empowered patients to effectively prevent and address specific diseases that have been passed down from their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. This is a very exciting field of research that is growing by leaps and bounds and will undoubtedly bring further possibilities for those with genetic weaknesses.