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My name is Dr. Destia Skinner ND and my passion is helping people become aligned with their vibrant life.  I have practiced for 20+ years in various methodologies of Craniosacral from Biodynamic to Upledger Institute.  The Craniosacral portion of my practice has always been hands-on and now I am expanding to distance treatments. I taught Craniosacral at Bastyr University and with Integrative Bodywork Institute for several years.  In the last few years I have been called to stretch my experience on what is possible with distance Craniosacral.  I have been in awe at the results people are getting and am excited to now bring distance Craniosacral to all my patients.

Craniosacral Therapy refers to the link between the cranium (or head), and sacrum (the bone at the base of your spine). For decades (since the early 1900’s), various forms of cranial manipulation have been used to resolve a range of conditions, from headaches and ear infections to stroke, spinal cord injury, hormone imbalance and nervous system disorders.*

Our inherent life force produces rhythmic impulses that subtly move throughout the body’s tissues. This subtle motion in Craniosacral is  called the breath of life. These rhythms are the essential ordering principles of our body and mind—a blueprint for health.  There are also subtle energy fields. The term subtle bodies describes the various layers of vibrating energy that make up a human being beyond the obvious physical layer. These subtle energy fields have been studied in various forms of indigenous healing across the globe from Tibet to Peru.  Treating the subtle energy fields can bring the body into energetic balance. When the body’s energies are in balance, we function at a higher vibration and are more relaxed, more joyful, more centered and able to enjoy life.  

Optimal rhythm within the body is important for the cells ability to get toxins out and nutrition in. This is needed for the body to heal from trauma, stress, and disease. The body knows how to bring itself back into balance if given the opportunity to do so with a conscious intention to heal. As the body sinks into this healing state, a process of unwinding begins allowing the release of long-held stress patterns. Over time, this can bring the body back into balance and optimal health.

 Areas of restriction can lead to a decrease in nerve impulse transmission, flow of vital fluids and then to symptoms of pain and discomfort. These areas of restriction lead to stresses of the system and contribute to dysfunction and poor health. As we connect virtually I use subtle energy flow to augment the flow in areas of stagnation within your body.  This can stimulate your own healing mechanisms and allow the body more capacity to heal. 

What can Distance Craniosacral Therapy do for my health and how does it work?
Craniosacral therapy involves “listening deeply” to the body’s subtle fluid rhythms, electrical rhythms and any patterns of inertia and congestion. The emphasis of each appointment is to encourage and enhance the body’s own self-healing and self-regulating capabilities, even in the most acute pathologies.*

Many experiments have been carried out for years, which have provided evidence that distance healing has an effect. Everything is energy and we are all connected through energy. 

As with all Craniosacral sessions I am attuning and deeply listening – in receiver mode.  The two governing principles that make this possible are Interdependency and Interconnectedness.

Interdependence means that we are all dependent on the magnetic / energetic field of the Earth for the natural energetic rhythms in our bodies, our complete life processes. Without the energetic charge from the earth there would be no life on this planet because we would not be able to stay here. This charge is called the Schumann resonance, and it has been scientifically measured.

Interconnectedness means that we living beings are all connected on an energetic level, not only emotionally and physically. Because we are all interconnected energetically, energy healing works through distance.

What can I expect during a Distance Craniosacral Therapy session?

We will be connecting by phone and energetically like blue tooth connection.  You will only need to find a quiet place to lay down and relax, like you would normally during in-person sessions. I will ask you to breathe, relax and pay attention to your body sensations. One session lasts about 30 minutes, after which I will ask that you remain resting for another 10-15 minutes before moving on with your day.  Many of my clients so far have described feeling similar sensations to our hands on Craniosacral sessions. 

Common conditions helped by Craniosacral Therapy:*

In Adults:*
Acute / Chronic Injury
Chronic pain
Neck / Back Pain
Neurological diseases
Headaches / Migraines
Vision / Eye disorders
Teeth grinding
TMJ/pain from dental work
Anxiety / Depression
Shock / Trauma

In Children:*
Sensory Process Disorders
Behavioral issues
Ear infections
Failure to thrive
Growing pains

During Pregnancy / Post-partum:*
Anxiety / Depression
Failure to thrive
Back Pain
Birth trauma
Latching issues