Letter to Dr. Destia’s Craniosacral patients

I want to thank you for your years of trust and support as my patients.  Being your partner in health is an honor and great pleasure. I hope to continue working with you for many years to come. 

Thank you for your support as we adapt during this challenging time and changing environment.  Moving to a virtual format is exciting and we will be bringing you more educational pieces and tools to support you in other ways, adding value to the one-on-one doctor relationship. 

The Craniosacral portion of my practice has always been hands-on and in-person for the last twenty years.  As you may know, I taught Craniosacral at Bastyr University and with Integrative Bodywork Institute for several years.  In the last few years I have been called to stretch my ideas on what is possible with distance Craniosacral. I reached out to my doctor friends already practicing distance Craniosacral and learned it was possible and effective. I have been in awe at the results people are getting and am excited to now bring distance Craniosacral to all my patients.  For current patients, I am offering a reduced rate for the first 2 sessions to give you a chance to feel more comfortable with the process and feel the results for yourselves. Current Craniosacral patients are offered two distance Craniosacral sessions at $90 each. Afterwards, the regular rate of $145, will apply. 

Below, I share some of the responses from my distance Craniosacral Treatments:

“Fracturing my ankle in April of this year and bruising my kneecap severely about a year and a half before had left my right leg in bad shape. I couldn’t be up and about for long periods of time unless I had support braces on both joints and most exercise was unavailable. Physical therapy wasn’t helping to stabilize my knee and 40 hour work weeks on my feet were making things worse. A family friend suggested I check out Dr. Skinner’s practice and though I was skeptical about the remote aspect I agreed to give it a shot since I was desperate. The only way I can describe how I felt after the first session is that it was as if someone had given my joints and tendons room to breathe. For the next week, I experienced more isolated pain, specifically at the site of my ankle fracture, as opposed to the shooting pain that would radiate up my leg and hinder my movement. From there it got better as the sessions went on; for the first time in 3 months, I could make it through a 9 hour shift without either brace. Though running feels a little out of reach still, I’m able to get back to moderate bodyweight exercises without any pain and my PT exercises seem to be actually making a difference now. I never expected a remote treatment to be so effective, but my freedom of movement speaks for itself and I can’t wait to continue my treatment with Dr. Skinner.

-Leela R., saw results after only three sessions

“I didn’t know if remote cranial would work but it was so powerful in just 30 minutes! Here is what happened as a result:

I haven’t been able to sleep on my left slide due to hip pain for several weeks.

After our session, I did!  AND the next day the tightness in my lower back/hip was so much better.

It felt like the knots had unwinded and my walk was full of energy and comfortable.

I am Thankful for Dr. Destia Skinner’s amazing gifts!”

-Wendy T

“I was amazed at how similar it felt to my hands on Craniosacral sessions.  I felt relaxed and balanced.”

-Christie N

I might even say that my distance craniosacral work feels stronger than in person because we are not mediating all the social signals.  We are simply connecting and getting to work together. 

How does Distance Craniosacral work?  

Many experiments have been carried out for years, which have provided evidence that distance healing has an effect. Everything is energy and we are all connected through energy. 

As with all craniosacral sessions I am attuning and deeply listening – in receiver mode.  The two governing principles that make this possible are Interdependency and Interconnectedness.

Interdependence means that we are all dependent on the magnetic / energetic field of the Earth for the natural energetic rhythms in our bodies, our complete life processes. Without the energetic charge from the earth there would be no life on this planet because we would not be able to stay here. This charge is called the Shumann resonance, and it has been scientifically measured.

Interconnectedness means that we living beings are all connected on an energetic level, not only emotionally and physically. Because we are all interconnected energetically, energy healing works through distance. 

We will be connecting by phone and energetically.  You will only need to find a quiet place to lay down and relax, like you would normally during in-person sessions. I will ask you to breathe, relax and pay attention to your body sensations. One session lasts about 30 minutes, after which I will ask that you remain resting for another 10-15 minutes before moving on with your day.

Patients can book online here, call 650-323-7345, or email at frontdesk@cnmhealth.com.

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