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Supporting our immune system has been at the top of all of our minds for the last year.  

Our immune system is doing its job to fend off pathogens and keep us going.  While the pandemic continues, our normal cold/flu season is upon us with exposure to various infective agents.  

What do we do to support our families immune system?  We get asked this question often.

How do we create a balanced immune system?  In our 20+ years of natural integrative medicine we have seen some important factors to create a balanced immune response.

We share them with you below:

  •  Look to your gut- who lives in you and who you feed matters!  The good guys balance our inflammatory response and the bad guys lead to a hyperinflammatory response. Your biggest immune organ as an adult is your gut.

One key is fiber fiber fiber and flavinoids, flavinoids, flavinoids (hint: these are found in the highest amounts in fruits and vegetables! )

Check out our Happy Gut Guide for more tips on your microbiome. 

  • Eat your plants and then eat more plants – research on a whole food concentrate that Dr. Bryan and I take shows that when eaten daily, the numbers and activity of immune cells increase. Research also shows the signaling molecules of the immune system increased while inflammation decreased. This response helps to create a balanced immune system response.  
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We have put our immune superhero supplements on a 30% off sale with free shipping on every order over $25 from now until March 8, 2021 (inclusive) or until supplies last.

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