Happy Holidays To You And Yours!

Cnmhealth 2019 Holiday

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!

We each wanted to share one of our tips for staying calm and happy this Holiday Season:

Andrea: Make time for things YOU love to do!

Maria: Take time for self care! Her favorite is running off to the spa for a soak or body treatment.

Dr. Mimosa: Take magnesium for relaxation and make time for deep abdominal breaths in the morning on waking and at night before bed. Set your phone alarm to remind you. Deep abdominal breathing can trick your body into being relaxed even when you are not. 

Dr. Destia: Asking this question - Am I listening to understand or listening to respond? A little slow down and understanding can go a long way with family dynamics which normally can be triggering. 

Dr. Logan: Remember to breathe and spend the time with people who matter the most to you.  

Dr. Bryan: The end of the year for me is a time to relax, rejuvenate, and reflect in order to reset myself for the goals I have planned for the New Year. 

Our Gift To You!

Use this code for $15 off your next office visit from January 2nd through January 30th.  Start off the New Year with your health goals in mind.  Just call the clinic at 650-323-7345 or email them at frontdesk@cnmhealth.com and mention the code CNMNewYear when you schedule your appointment for January 2020.