What supplements does a Naturopathic Doctor take?

One of the most common questions I get asked by my patients is “what do you take on a daily basis?” As a naturopathic doctor, I am always trying new protocols to support my health in different ways. I believe that if I wouldn’t or couldn’t do a therapy or take a...

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Clean Techniques For Your Safety

Last week, there were reports about a spa in New Mexico that was reportedly shut down after 2 patients got infected by a virus after a procedure. This is a very serious situation and we wanted to take this opportunity to remind our patients of ways that they can...

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Indoor Air Allergens

April showers bring May flowers. What do May flowers bring? ALLERGIES! Due to the increase in rain this past winter, there are more flowers, trees, and weeds growing, leading to an increase in pollen in the air. Many people retreat inside during this time to prevent...

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Food Allergy & Food Sensitivity Testing

“What is the healthiest diet for me?” As a naturopathic doctor, I get this question multiple times a day. I always tell patients that the best diet is different for each person, and is determined by many things such as lifestyle, activity level, location, season,...

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Preventing and Beating Seasonal Depression

The winter and early spring season initiates a time of cooler temperatures, shorter days and longer nights. With that, some may experience mood changes, but not to worry as there are many natural interventions that may improve one’s mood, sleep and energy. Below are...

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Power Up Your Health with Dr Valerie Miles MD on 2/1 & 2/2

We are part of nationwide healthy living movement focused on creating a healthier community, A part of that mission is offering incredible and inspiring health education.  Dr. Valerie Miles MD, an insightful integrative medicine doctor, will be coming to the bay area...

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