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I began my quest for knowledge at the University of Washington in Seattle where I studied molecular biology. It was there that my dream of becoming an Obstetrician took a very different turn. I had only known of standard care western medicine while growing up. When my husband suffered a health crisis we turned to his doctor for answers. In the current western medical care model we did not find any answers and were told that, “nothing was wrong”, even though he clearly had symptoms. So began my quest for understanding the underlying causes of illness and finding answers. My mom was a Hospice nurse and she introduced us to our first Naturopathic Doctor. It was here we found support, answers, and healing.

After receiving my Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology, I began working as a clinical research coordinator in asthma pharmaceutical research and as a public school teacher. I realized that I really wanted to be able to support people in understanding their health and helping them find true healing – not just covering the symptoms of their discomfort. Teaching them the skills for better health through lifestyle and understanding is my passion.

As my passion for health and healing ignited, I continued my educational journey by attending Bastyr University, the foremost institution for Naturopathic medical education in the country, where I received my Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine. I have further expanded my education in Craniosacral technique, bio-identical hormone therapy, natural pregnancy and childbirth, nutrition, and homeopathy. I incorporate all aspects of naturopathic medicine to create a holistic view of health for each individual person. My passion is working with children and families to bring healing into areas that many thought they were going to have to live with.

As a child and youth I struggled with severe allergies, chronic infections, migraines, and severe PMS. I just figured that these symptoms were just part the genetic hand I had been dealt and was resigned to the idea that I would have to live with these issues for the rest of my life. Through natural medicine and Craniosacral Therapy, permanent resolution occurred for all of these chronic diseases. I am happy to say that the regular need for allergy medications, antibiotics, and pain medication was no longer required. I now feel healthier in my 40’s than I ever did in my 20’s or 30’s.

Craniosacral is a foundation of my healing practice. This is such a subtle, profound technique and I have dedicated many years of study to the various methodologies including the Biodynamic, Miln, and Upledger philosophies. Teaching Craniosacral Therapy for many years at Bastyr University honed my skills in this art.

I am passionate about women’s health including the common complaints faced during pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause. I also have a genuine love of working with children of any age in order to prevent illness and promote optimal health at a time when those changes can have such a huge impact on the rest of their lives. Teaching the skills for better health through lifestyle and understanding is my passion.