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I developed acute anxiety coupled with panic attacks this past year in my mid-sixties. Conventional approaches with western medicine did not work very well. Psychotherapy and limited hypnotherapy were helpful but did not eliminate the anxiety. It was still interfering with my life. While still frustrated, I was referred to Cypress Natural Medicine by my psychotherapist. After a very thorough evaluation by Dr. Bryan and Dr. Destia, I eagerly pursued their Naturopathic and CrainioSacral Therapy courses of treatment. Significant relief came quickly. My panic attacks have ceased and the anxiety is much more under control. Dr. Bryan and Dr. Destia are very skilled, caring and thorough. With only 3 months of treatment, I have been very happy with the results. -P.S., Palo Alto
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Constitutional Hydrotherapy for Home Application

The purpose of this treatment is to stimulate a more rapid improvement in health along with the application of specific dietary changes and other measures. It is an integral part of the treatment protocol, but also has other applications. It can be used whenever there is a fever or febrile illness, or to ward off illness that is beginning to manifest. It is tonifying to the digestive system, helps to normalize circulation, soothes the nervous system, and stimulates the eliminative processes and the vital force. It is a subtle yet powerful treatment with no potential for harm if done according to the following directions, under the order of a qualified naturopathic physician. If one is doing this treatment during a chronic illness, a weekly report to the naturopathic physician is mandatory, and no other treatments or medication of any kind should be used without the knowledge of that physician.

If one is being treated by another person, follow these instructions:
1. In the supine position (on back), cover the bared chest and abdomen with two thicknesses of terrycloth towel wrung out in hot water tolerable to the touch. Cover the body with a (preferably wool or velux) blanket to avoid becoming chilled. Leave the hot towels in place for 5 minutes (See illustration 1.).
2. Replace the hot towels with a single thickness of towel wrung out in cold water. Cover the person as before to avoid chill. Leave the cold towel in place for 10 minutes. Do not remove the cold towel until it has become warmed.
3. Repeat the same treatment on the back (See illustration 2.).
4. The treatment should take about one half hour.

If one is alone, follow these instructions:
1. Take a hot bath or shower for 5 minutes. Get out and dry off quickly. Take a towel wrung out in cold water and wrap it all around the trunk of the body, from armpits to the groin. Cover with a (preferably a wool or velux) blanket to avoid being chilled. Leave the cold towel in place for 20 minutes or longer, until it has become warmed (See illustration 3.).

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