15 Minute Immune Appointments for $100

Hello everyone, 

With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) currently going on, one of the biggest questions from our patients is “what can I do to support my immune system during this time?” 

As naturopathic doctors, our goal is to create an individualized treatment plan to increase patients’ immune systems so that the body can remain strong during this time. Although there are many wonderful herbs, vitamins, and minerals that have been shown to boost immunity, not all supplements are safe for everyone. In addition, some supplement doses may be safe and effective for one person, while the same dose might be ineffective or even dangerous for another. 

To ensure that all patients are taking the correct immune boosting supplements at appropriate doses, we are offering a 15 minute phone or video appointment for $100. Dr. Mimosa will analyze your health history, review your current supplements, and recommend treatment based on your specific immune needs. 

Please call our office at 650-323-7345 to make your phone or video chat appointment. 

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